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Power diodes, thyristors, air motor starters for diesel engines, air startes for GE, ALCO and EMD locomotives, electric motors
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To serve our clients with more options in reducing replacment costs while still maintaining the highest levels of itegrity, we are pleased to present the following product lines from companies that also hold our high standards of quality.
Power Components, Ltd
Thyristors, SCR and Power Diodes. Cross references list to every major manufactuer. The best price and off the shelf delivery in the industry.
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Industry's most comprehensive air starter inventory from over one million stock air starters and components. All air starters use a proven vane and roto technology that is simple, rugged and cost effective.
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Large high voltage motors, wound rotor motors, vertical motors, synchochronous motors and explosion proof motors to 30,000 HP. Electric Motors for
Every Applcation 1/4 HP - 30,000 HP
Locomotive Air Brake reservoirs
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