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Transformers, reactors, inductors, chokes, coils, planar transformers, surface mount transformers, just about anything that involves copper foil, magnet wire, laminations, ferrites, toroids, and any other types of transformer materials.
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We have extensive experience in the design of various types of transformers and inductors. This includes power, step-up and step-down, control, three-phase, switch-mode power supply, flyback, audio, pulse, current, high voltage, and planar transformers. We design and build inductors, chokes, reactors, common-mode chokes and surface mount inductors.

Our designs utilize a wide variety of materials:

Windings:Single copper turns stamped or photo-etched, printed circuit board windings, MW80C-155 C magnet wire, MW35C-200 C magnet wire, or any insulation and temperature rated wire an application requires, litz wires, insulated lead wire, copper sheets and foils.
Laminations: Steel, nickel, cut C-cores, cut-E-cores
Toroids: Tape wound steel and nickel, MPP, Iron Powder, Hi- Flux, and Cool Mu
Ferrites: Pot Cores, EFD, EPC, E, PQ cores, EC cores, ETD cores, EP cores, Toroidal and Planar-Low Profile cores, High Frequency Ferrite Beads, Rods, and Slugs
Insulations: Kapton, Nomex, Mylar, and any other insulating tapes or sheets an application may require. We impregnate, insulate, and/or encapsulate units with a wide range of materials including epoxies and silicones( some highly filled and thermally conductive), urethanes, foams, varnishes, resins, RTVs, and RF lacquers.
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