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Integrity and Excellence Since 1984
Electric Motors
Electric Motors for
Every Applcation
1/4 HP - 30,000 HP
Large High Voltage Motors

Wound Rotor Motors

Vertical Motors

Sychronous Motors

Explosion Proof Motors

Inverter Motors

Preminum High Efficiency
Electric motors for every application, need and operating enviorment. Manufacturing electric motors since 1949
Electric Motors from 1/4 HP to 30,000 HP
Generators from 25 KVA to 12,000 KVA
Motor Generator Sets
Electric Motors to 30,000 HP 13.8 KV

Synchronous Electric Motors to 20,000 KVA 13.8 KV

Explosion Proof Motors:

Class I & II Division I Motors to 200 HP 600 Volt

Class I Division II Motors to 8,000 HP 11.4 KV

Class II Division II Motors to 4,500 HP 6.6 KV

Gearless Elevator Motors

Diesel Engine Generators to 12,500 KVA

Servo Motors

Preminum High Motors

System Engineering (Turn Key Projects)
ydraulic Power Plants, Diesel Engine Generator Power Plants, Co-Generation Systems, Pump Stations
Manufacturing electric motors since 1949
Private label to most major O.E.M. motor manufactures
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1,500 KW Wind Tunnel Drive Motor
1,250 HP High Thrust Pump Motors
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