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Integrity and Excellent Since 1984
Locomotive locks, Locomotive handles, locomotive sunvisors, transit car locks, lamps, intercar diaphrams, transit door hardware, locomotive hardware, lauggage racks, locomotove and transit windows, locomotive wind shields, transit car windws, thyristors for locomotives
The largest supplier of equipment to the transportation industry in the world.
Luggage racks, Intercar diaphragms, sunvisors, curtins, current collector equipment, lanterns, lamps, locks, keys, door hardware, windows, thrust bearings, safety chains and gates
Clients include General Motors, AM General, Amtrak, Alstom, Bombardier, Kawasaki and Nippon Sharyo
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(2) electric resistance melting furnaces for bronze and brass alloys; also we have (3) electric melting furnaces for aluminum pouring capacity standard flask size = 12" x 18", 24" x 24", 14" x 36". We also have automatic core making capabilities.

Twenty-Five Punch Presses of various sizes and tonnage. Ranging from Five to Seventy Five Tons - 150 Ton Press Brake - Draw Presses with capacity to 10" Deep and 11" Diameter - Circle Shears - Straight Shear with 3/16" X 12' Capacity.

A Okuma LB15 CNC turning center; an Amera-Sieki milling-drilling center; also CNC equipped and a Victor milling CNC machine, etc. All hooked to a CAD/CAM system for maximum efficiency

Vertical and horizontal mills, hand screw machines, six-spindle heavy duty drill presses, and semi-automatic presses.

Automatic saws and hand fed chop saws of all kinds.

Flash, oxy-acetylene, TIG, MIG, arc, plasma and spot welding from 50 KVA to 100 KVA for steel, brass, bronze, and aluminum.

Sewing Room
Facilities for Processing Cloth and Vinyl Fabric. We offer Sewing - Cutting - Slitting. We also assemble these materials to other media.

Metal Fabrication
Shearing, draw press and punch press, brake press and a 110 Ton ironworker for complete fabrication services.

Honite and Wheelabrator Abrasive Finishing - Straight line Polishing - Belt Sanding Grinding - Vonnegut Hand Finishing to your Specifications - Plating (Zinc-Chrome-Brass-Nickel) Assembly in a 25000 square foot area - Anodizing (Per your Specifications) - Painting (High Solids-Powdercoat-Kynar)

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