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Hubbell Industrial Controls
Limit Switchs
D-C Limit Switches are devices that are used to interrupt the main power circuit, setting up a dynamic braking circuit that quickly stops hook travel with a minimum of drift.

A-C Limit Switches are similar in construction to D-C Limit Switches. The difference is in operation. A-C Limit Switches disconnect two power lines to the hoist motor which then is stopped by a magnetic brake.
Type 4211 Mini-Master

The Euclid Mini-Master Switch uses a handle operated cam switch mechanism in a NEMA rated housing. It is engineered for use where master switch control is preferred, for CMAA duty overhead crane and similar applications.

Type 4216 Mill Master

These master switches are of rugged construction to withstand the rough service encountered on applications in the steel mills, such as crane, coal, and ore bridges, blooming and rolling mill auxiliaries, etc., where either floor or desk mounting is required

Master Switch/Drum Controller
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A/C DC Contactors and Relays
DC RELAYS, Type 5320, general purpose control, voltage sensitive, current, and plugging relays are built to withstand severe service using the latest technology in materials for insulating and high-strength. They are recommended for use on heavy industry dc drives such as cranes and mill auxiliaries.
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