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Triple Worm Speed Reducers
Ratios 5000:1 to 75,000:1
Delroyd® DDVM series triple-reduction worm gear speed reducers are available in ratios from 5000:1 to 175,000:1 and center distances from 7 to 20 in. (larger sizes are available on request). Output torque ranges from 33,000 in. lbs. for the 7-in. CD DDVM-70 to 582,900 in. lbs. for the DDVM-200. Mechanical HP input requirements are from 0.09 for the 175,000:1 7-in. CD reducer to 6.246 for the 5000:1 20-in. CD unit.

These reducers are available in any four configurations: horizontal, vertical, shafted and shaft-mounted.

They are ideal for water/wastewater equipment drive applications such as thickeners and clarifiers which require a vertical downshaft. Other available configurations also make Delroyd® triple reduction reducers perfect for use on mixers, elevators, solar panels, astronomical telescopes, indexing tables, hoists, conveyers or other process or materials handling systems where large torques/slow speeds are needed.

These reducers are also available with a helical primary reduction stage and are termed the HDVM series.

HP from 0.09 to 6.25
Output torque to 583,000 in. lbs.
Output rpm as low as 0.01 with a 1750 rpm input
Ideal for ultra-slow speed, high torque applications
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