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Worm Gear Mixer Drives

Fluid mixing is often a very complex process. While the properties of the materials to be mixed, as well as the mixing vessel and agitator, are very important considerations, the type of drive can greatly affect mixing costs - both operating and initial investment.

For a wide variety of materials in chemical, process, pollution control and many other applications, Delroyd篲m gear drives for mixers and agitators offer many advantages over the others types of gearing and drive units.

Because of their unique worm and gear design, Delroyd篲m gear sets operate with multiple tooth contact at all times. This assures shockless power delivery. As a result, operation is smooth and extremely quiet, normally in a sound range of 76 to 80 dBA... very important for meeting OSHA standards.
Single reduction Delroyd篲m gear sets can easily provide gear reductions of 5:1 through 70:1, for output speeds down to 25 rpm (using standard 1750 rpm motors). With double reduction Delroyd襬ical-worm gear reducers, gear reduction can go from 15:1 to 350:1 ratio to provide outputs as low as 5 rpm. This allows economical yet efficient mixing at lower speeds: power costs as well as initial capital outlay are usually lower with Delroyd篲m gear drives.
Please remember that gearing efficiency is quite different from mixing efficiency. While mixing efficiency is influenced by gearing efficiency, it also depends on other technical and economic factors.

Delroyd篲m gear drives are engineered to withstand up to 300% momentary peak overloads and shock loads... forces that would cause other forms of gearing to fail.
Minimum service factor for Delroyd�er drives is 1.25. Consult Catalog 8804 for gear ratings.
In Delroyd宩ts, heavy-duty tapered Timken roller bearings (B-10 life of over 10,000 hours on the worm shaft; B-10 life of 100,000 hours on low speed shaft) minimize shaft vibration and sensitivity to shaft deflection. This eliminates the need for hollow quill construction and lowers the overall cost of the mixer/agitator.
Maintenance of Delroyd宩ts can be scheduled well in advance. Delroyd鳠unaware of any sudden failures of its units. The centrifugally cast phosphor or aluminum bronze gear mates with a hardened, ground and polished steel worm. As the drive operates, the bronze gear conforms and work-hardens to the contour of the worm. This is responsible for the saying that "Delroyd篲m gears wear in, not wear out."
Drywell construction provides positive protection against leakage of lubricants. There's no danger of product contamination.
Standard Delroyd宩ts range from 3 through 14-inch center distances, and horsepower from .132 to 265 HP. (Please refer to Catalog 8804 for detailed rating information.)
Drives with even larger center distances and greater horsepower are available.

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