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Series BT Pinch Roll Reduction Units
Hardened and ground AISI 4150 steel worms
Bronze-rim worm gear with cast iron centers
Heat-treated steel output shafts in horizontal and up- or down-vertical configurations
Tapered and spherical roller bearings
Fabricated steel housings
Mechanical input horsepower ratings are 1.5 times the single reduction reducer ratings.

Each output shaft will transmit 75% of the torque ratings for single reduction reducers assuming that the input HP divides equally. This should be the case if both rolls on the output shafts are of the same diameter.

Delroyd® BT units can be fan-cooled, water-cooled or force feed-cooled with an oil-circulating pump. Contact Delroyd® Worm Gear, for thermal ratings.

All bearings and bearing retainers are designed to withstand the additional thrust imposed by driving two gears with a common worm shaft.

Delroyd® BT units can be furnished with double-end input shafts for mounting in series. All standard worms are designed to carry 10,000 psi torsional stress. If input torque results in a torsional stress greater than 10,000 psi, a larger root diameter worm must be selected when driving worms in series. Before final selection is made for tandem-driving units, consult Delroyd® Worm Gear.

The Delroyd® involute helicoid thread form permits simple, accurate gearing adjustments without running in expensive matched, lapped worm and gear sets.
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