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Integrity and Excellent Since 1984
Carbon brushes, mining carbon brushes for GE motors, mining carbon brushes for Westinghouse motors, carbon brushes for mining equipment, carbon brushes for P&H shovels, carbon brushes for traction motors and generators, carbon brushes for GE and Westinghouse mill duty carbon brushes for drag lines, carbon brushes for MD motors, carbon brushes for Westinghouse motors
CARBONE LORRAINE puts at your disposal, high performance products, R & D laboratories, test facilities, and expertise to study and design in collaboration with you, electric motors of the future.
Our 100 years of experience guarantees reliable partnership of the highest level.
Range of grades:

Carbographitic grades

Electrographitic grades

Soft graphite grades

Metal graphite grades

Bakelite graphite grades
An engineered carbon brush for every application
Locomotive Traction Motors
Locomotive Traction Generator
Traction Alternators
Railway Systems
Electrical Locomotive
Diesel Locomotive
Mining Application
Wind Power Turbines
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A full range of grades for carbon brushes and current collectors plus brush holders and pressure systems approved by constructors all over the world.
A long experience of maintenance on industrial sites.
A large number of standard parts in stock.
An extensive international network guaranteeing close geographical proximity to all areas, with quality manufacture.
Rapid response from each subsidiary to all your needs, standard or specific, with minimum delivery time.
With approval to the major world OEM, Carbone Lorraine Group gives the guaranty of a reliable and innovative product range
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