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Innovative solutions for all your spare part needs
Traction motor armature coils, field coils, interpole coils, electric commutators, coil equilizers, stator coils, carbon brushes, brush holders, thyristors, armature coils for mining trucks
Integrity and Excellence Since 1984
Electric Motor Coils and Rewind Kits for Traction Motors, Traction Generators for Locomotives and Off-Road Mining Trucks
One single Souce for all your Motor Coil Needs. We have Coil Data for over 25,000 Electric Motors in service World Wide, including: G.E., Westinghouse, Baldor, Brown Boveri, TECO, Siemens, Allis-Chalmers, Crocker Wheeler, P&H, EMD, Reuland, Reliance, Jeffrey, Century, Marathon and Toshiba. Coils for 15,000 Volt Applications.
Fast, Competitive Service. Coils for Every Industrial Application Including Motor Rewinds Shops, Railroads, Mining, Drag Lines, Steel Mills, Cranes and Hoistes, Off-Highway trucks, Hydrogenerators, Pumping Stations and Off-Shore Drill Motors.
Armature Coils and Armature Coil Rewind Kits
Interpole and Commutating Field Coils
Rotor Coils
Brake and Magnet Coils
Specialty and Custom Made Coils
Traction Motor and Generator Rewind Kits
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