Excellence and integrity since 1984
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Innovative solutions for all your spare part needs
Reconditioned GE electric cards, GE interlocks, GE contactor parts, thyristors for locomotives and P&H shovels, rock crusher duty motors, air motor starters, carbon brushes for haul trucks, brush holders for traction motors, electric motors for mining applications, large HP motors, armature coils for traction motors, shunts
Integrity and Excellence Since 1984
Spare Parts for Mining and Heavy Industrial Applications
Recondtioned GE cards, contactors, interlocks and reversers
Complete thyristor cross refrence lists for GE, EMD and P&H Shovels. Thyristors to exact OEM specifications
A comprehensive line of air and gas starters suitable for most engine applications. . Cross references for ALCO, EMD and Ingersoll Rand
Electric Motors from 1 HP to 500 HP available from stock. Crusher Duty, Explosion Proof, Veticle Hollow Shaft, Close Coupled Pump.
Large high voltage motors, wound rotor motors, vertical motors, synchochronous motors and explosion proof motors to 30,000 HP
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Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Relays and Contactors, Manual Motor Starters, AC Drive, Overload Relays. Equals to G.E., Westinghouse, ABB, Baldor, Reliance and Square D
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Brush Holders for every DC applications. OEM approved for haul truck traction motors and generators, P&H shovels, locomotive and mill duty motors and all mining applications .
Engineered carbon brushes designed to match the new challenges of industrial mining applications. Cross refrence to all major OEM part numbers.
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Large replcement cross reference lists for components parts for GE contactors used on locomotive and off-highway trucks
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