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     Hubbell - Hubbell Industrial Controls - Hubbell Pedant Pushbutton Station

Pendant Pushbutton Station

HD and WP stations of heavy duty steel or aluminum may be pendant or surface mounted. They are shipped fully assembled and ready for customer connections.

PBC, WPBC, and XPBC are cam operated stations assembled in a variety of enclosure types. These stations are available with special circuit configuration and can be from one to five speeds, stepped or stepless operation. Many options are available for this type of station, including duplex construction with conduit boxes selector switches and many other special features.

CPB pendant stations are our most compact, ergonomic pendants. Available in single or two speed operation with NEMA 4X construction and CSA & UL Approval.

PBP pendant stations are weatherproof, heavy duty rubber stations with plug in pushbutton inserts, from one to five speeds. Components are readily available from our stock.

PBM pendant stations are lightweight and ergonomic and use 22mm operators. One through five speed buttons are available. Enclosures are NEMA 4X construction with CSA & UL Approval.


    Hubbell - Hubbell Industrial Controls - Hubbell Pedant Pushbutton Station


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