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    Hubbell - Hubbell Industrial Controls - Hubbell Electronic Components

Electronic Components

The Bulletin 5330 Electronic Frequency Relay (EFR) master/slave system is designed to be used with wound rotor motor controls.  The master unit is a complete frequency relay providing one point of frequency detection.  The master relay can be used as a stand-alone relay.  The slave unit must be used with the master unit and provides additional points of frequency detection.

The Bulletin 5350 Static In-Line Timer is a solid state timing unit for use in AC or DC contactor and relay control.  The timing unit is a series control element having an adjustable timing range.  Two units are available.  One with a timing range of 0.5 to 3.0 seconds, another with a timing range of 2.5 to 16.0 seconds.

The Bulletin 5360, Hubbell Arc Suppressor, is designed to reduce contact arcing in DC control circuits where the inductive coil loads of contactors and relays are interrupted.  Utilization of the Bulletin 5360 Arc Suppressor may eliminate the use of an interposing relay.

The Bulletin 5370 Electronic Overload Relay receives line current signals from an ammeter shunt and performs both the Inverse Time as well as the instantaneous Trip functions normally performed by two (2) separate electro-mechanical overload relays.


Hubbell - Hubbell Industrial Controls - Hubbell Electronic Components


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